Turn-key Programs

Why re-create the wheel, take advantage of the turn-key wellness programs included with your FABOH membership. These programs focusing on knowing your numbers, increasing physical activity, improving nutrition, weight loss, mental health, and Well-Being type topics include all of the materials needed to implement at your worksite. To access the programs, or for more information on how to customize these programs to meet your organization's specific needs, please contact Jeff Butz at 920-924-3780 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Programs available include:

  • Know Your Numbers Educational campaigns: Know your numbers is an educational campaign that offers easy to implement/simple hints that employees can start to incorporate immediately in effort to improve biometrics. The program material can be used as a poster, sent in an email, or displayed in a rest room area and includes a short quiz that can be used if you choose to offer an incentive or another form of recognition.
    • Topics
    • Lowering cholesterol
    • Lowering Blood pressure
    • Prediabetes
    • Preventive services
  • Weight interventions:
    • Doing it the right "Weigh" - an incentive program based on implementing and maintaining key habits that are necessary for losing weight and keeping it off
    • Don't gain, maintain - A holiday weight maintenance program
    • You pick one - a program that focuses on the impact of making small changes
    • Doing it my "weigh" - A program that pairs participants with a health coach to set a goal and create a plan for successful weight loss
  • Exercise interventions - Below are a few that we have done or continue to do, but these are often better when themed according to your culture/population and built off of what you want the program to accomplish. I would be happy to help you develop the concept and the actual materials necessary to implement.
    • Milestones exercise incentive - an exercise incentive program that rewards participants according to distance traveled
    • Get Up and Go - Community Exercise Challenge
    • NEHFD Employer Challenge - One week community exercise and healthy habits challenge
  • Stress:
      Stress Bingo - Participants are given a bingo card with stress reduction lifestyle tips on it. For each activity they complete during the month they are able to mark off the box. Participants are then entered into a prize drawing for each way they achieve bingo.
  • Well-Being Themed resources:
    • Appreciation Journal - Like a gratitude journal, helps employees increase their focus on things they are thankful for vs. what maybe isn't going well for them.
    • High Five cards - Allows colleagues to recognize each other for doing random acts of kindness throughout the day and hopefully inspires others to do this as well. The act is documented on the card and can be listed out and shared amongst all employees.