FABOH has a network of hospitals, physicians, clinics, chiropractors, mental health professionals, and other providers of service throughout Wisconsin.

For information about joining the FABOH Network, please contact??us at 920-924-3780.


  • Annual FABOH Plan Design Summary - a summary of FABOH employers' benefit plan coverage to help benchmark your health plan against other FABOH employers' plans.
  • FOCUS Reports - compare your health benefits plan's claim utilization with that of other FABOH employers', to help evaluate your plan design and target high-cost medical conditions for early intervention and prevention.
  • Inpatient utilization summary
  • Outpatient utilization summary and average charge analysis for five-impact areas of care
  • Cost of care, network utilization and savings data
  • Impact analysis (high-cost claims)
  • Disease prevalence
  • Health promotion (lifestyle-related claims)
  • Network Savings Reports - employer specific savings reports available on a monthly and year-to-date basis. Track your rate of savings and your top 10 out-of-network providers.


Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety: