Financial Wellness

Looking for a new way to support your employees this year, how about implementing a Financial Wellness Program?

Given the increasing need for financial literacy amongst employees as well as the effectiveness seen from current interventions, more and more employers are starting to provide a Financial Wellness component to their existing wellness programs. It is for this reason that FABOH has started assembling the resources necessary to support members who are interested in offering this type of program to employees.

Emerging best practice:
Due to Financial Wellness being a more recent trend amongst employers; a clear best practice methodology has not yet been established. For this reason, FABOH members are encouraged to use the Building your financial wellness strategy template below and ensure proper evaluation methods are being used to measure the success of the programming offered. This template is modeled off WELCOA’s Well Workplace Model and thus provides a solid foundation for starting your program.

Each of our member’s needs around Financial Wellness are unique to their workforce and Corporate Culture. Because of this, we recommend that members interested in adopting a Financial Wellness strategy, connect with FABOH Wellness Director Jeff Butz at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss their specific needs, goals, and resources so that a successful strategy can be established.

Below are some of the resources available for members to take advantage of: