Created in 1992, Fond du Lac Area Businesses On Health (FABOH) is an employer-owned business coalition with more than 20 Shareholder and Member organizations. FABOH’s purpose is to improve the cost effectiveness and quality of health care services purchased by Fond du Lac area employers.


  • Pools member purchasing power representing nearly 12,000 employees
  • Directly contracts with providers resulting in employer benefits at a reasonable price
  • Increases employer savings through a 3-Tier benefit plan design
  • Provides organization-specific utilization data
  • Works with members to assess/evaluate existing wellness programs, as well as designing and implementing new ones
  • Provides educational opportunities
  • Provides Health Risk Assessment for employees and spouses at no additional cost
  • Self Care - educating employees on the appropriate level of care to seek and where to get care
  • Identifying employees and spouses access to near site offered through Agnesian Healthcare Work and Wellness


  • Ensures that employees are able to go to providers that produce the best care at a reasonable cost
  • Manages a network of nearly 7,000 providers
  • Provides a local office to answer questions and provide navigational needs


  • Creates steerage to in-network providers
  • Negotiates a competitive fee schedule
  • Maintains an organization committed to working with providers to improve health care in the community


  • Keep health care dollars local:
    • Expanded health care facilities
    • Expanded health care services
    • Expanded technology
    • More doctors and nurses
    • Better opportunity for employee recruitment
    • Leading Well City initiative


  • Best in class pricing for services purchased
  • In-network utilization greater than 90%
  • Partnership with Health Payment Systems (HPS) for FABOH Advantage
  • Partnership with National Cooperative Rx


  • Maintain focus on reducing health care costs through provider discounts
  • Measure and report provider value and quality
  • Further efforts to avoid future health care consumption
    • Prevention
    • Consumerism
  • Collaborative and productive working relationships with providers
  • Well City Fond du Lac Initiative